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Personal & professional coaching & training
for self confidence, self esteem, productivity,
happiness and success

'Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.' - Carl Bard


Stop smoking & lose weight in West Cornwall

What could coaching do for me?
What do you want? Sometimes it's hard to know. Try our free online questionnaire.

Personal coaching to overcome problems and live better
'I would recommend life coaching with Graham to anyone who wants to achieve something (no matter how big or small) but doesn't know where to start.' - Client quote


Business coaching, training & facilitating
'I estimate that in one coaching session I learned how to save myself 390 hours' work - I wish I had learned these things years ago.' - Client quote


What is missing or holding you back from leading a truly wonderful life?
A phobia? An addiction? A fear? Anxiety? A past trauma?
A difficult relationship?

I can help you build the confidence to take charge of your life and grow as a person
To know who you are and what you want and how to get it.

My clients may see me privately, for personal development, or through their business or organisation, for professional development. For many people there seems to be a trade-off between being successful and being yourself. When our habits work well for us, when we find meaning in everyday living, certain benefits tend to follow: we feel happier, more confident and stress and anxiety disappear. We learn to succeed.

Find a new way of looking at things that feels relaxed and easy, I work with people to help them make sense of the world, explore who they are and to enhance their self confidence and self esteem. I offer two services:

  • I help you to be clear about what you want
  • I help you to achieve it.

      Please browse my site to learn how you can have more of what you want. You may find the free online questionnaire helpful in clarifying what that is. As I live in West Cornwall, I specialise in phone coaching, e-mail as well as Skype.

      Benefits of a Coaching Culture

      Have you ever got back to work after a training and wondered what happened to the things you learnt? Olivero, Bane and Kopelman (1997) found that training followed by executive coaching increased public sector employee productivity by 88% after 8 weeks one-to-one coaching, compared to an increase of 22% by training alone. To read more: coaching_you.htm

      Life Change - fancy a week-end in West Cornwall?
      You could benefit from a week-end away, walking on the beaches in St Ives, in Marazion www.mounthaven.co.uk/ or Mousehole www.oldcoastguardhotel.co.uk - as well as fitting in one or two extended sessions with me. The result can be a real Life Change, a chance to get away and really sort out areas where you've been stuck.

      Soothing Sounds
      My relaxation CD, Calmtime can be purchased from www.calmtime.co.uk This CD helps people with stress, pain relief and sleep problems.