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Client Quotes - Coaching and Training

Personal Development Coaching

Here are some things people have said:

"You have made it possible for me to see my relationship with my mother in a new way - now I can stay calm and strong when I'm with her". JW

"There have been many additional benefits to our sessions: I can communicate far more effectively with others and get results, my personal and business relationships are stronger, I have been able to give up smoking, I have set goals for my life and, most difficult of all for me, I can make the difficult decisions necessary in business and life and follow them through." BE

"The effects of my meetings with you have been both subtle and startling. I am calmer, less stressed, more focused and generally one hell of a lot happier. Embarrassingly, my children think it's done me good too! A great experience, thanks Graham." BW

"I'm suprisingly doing ok actually. To be honest I was a bit cynical about it working, but it has. I feel pretty good, havent smoked or had any cravings or anything. Thank you very much for your help." ST

"You were a wonderful support to me and I don't think I could have made it through without your guidance." CL

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel enriched and empowered by all that I've learnt.......I want more!" AL

"Having tried and failed for many years, I had almost given up ever getting help to overcome my phobia. My life had, for over twenty years, been ruled by my fear, one that I had kept secret from all but those closest to me. I can never fully express my gratitude for the change in me Graham brought about. Thank you so very much." DS

"I am now 3 stones lighter, in full control of my eating and exercise habits and am much happier all round. More importantly, all of my energies are going in the right direction. I would recommend life coaching with Graham to anyone who felt that they wanted to achieve something (no matter how big or small) but didn't know where to start." MW

"Just a quick note to let you know that I was successful with my job application. All that time ago when I heard you on Radio Bristol explaining how you help the likes of me take the next step. Well, it's worked!" TJ

"The transformation in me as a person has been quite dramatic: I seldom lose my temper, I seldom suffer from insomnia, and the stresses and strains of everyday life are now just ripples on a pond!" TD

"I'm excited to try out my new social skills. Really excited. I also seem to be less worried about other people's reactions and more accepting of how they might choose to behave." JR

"I belong to that group of people whom everyone thinks is outgoing, gregarious and confident, without a care in the world - the reality was quite different and our sessions have helped me rebuild my self confidence and deal with my insecurities. RN

"I can't thank you enough...I wake up and feel so positive about life. I've got something of 'me' back". JC

"Well I passed my exam. I was so happy. I really think it was thanks to you - the way I felt when sitting it this time was completely different from the past." FS

"I'm feeling confident and relaxed about the whole thing. In fact things are pretty damn good. Thank you!" JP "Thank you for yesterday. Last night when I took my flight I felt very relaxed. Thanks." VS

"The effects of my meetings with you have been both subtle and startling. I am calmer, less stressed, more focused and generally one hell of a lot happier. Embarrassingly, my children think it's done me good too! A great experience, thanks Graham." BW

"A friend asked me to describe what NLP was - the best description I have come across is 'The art and science of getting what you want'. For me NLP has been a way of re-engineering my life. I have kept the bits I wanted and got rid of the bits that were holding me back." TR

"Your approach has always been non-judgemental, accepting and attentive, which has provided the right environment to discuss my thoughts without embarrassment.' LJ

Training Quotes

"Graham Smith is a highly accomplished exponent of NLP technologies. Not only is he really dedicated to the development of people, he also personally walks the talk." Neil Tappenden, Master Trainer of NLP, Managing Director of Excel Communications (HRD) Ltd.

Some feedback from delegates:

The Coaching and Mentoring course provides a positive, structured approach to problem solving. A very good course.'
'Thank you again, it was arranged in an excellent way and fully met my expectations.'
'The course puts structure and strategy to all aspects of coaching, seeing coaching possibilities in everyday work'
'It will improve your management skills and your staff's potential and you come away from the course with a set of methods/tools for coaching and mentoring'
All comments from participants in the Coaching and Mentoring programme for the Environment Agency's new Evidence Directorate (Smith and Friends is working in partnership to introduce a coaching culture).

'The feedback from delegates has been extremely positive. Delegates have said that Graham is a highly skilled and empathetic trainer who is able to adapt to their needs. In particular, feedback has been extremely positive from the delegates who have received one-to-one coaching and mentoring from Graham.' T.S., Training Manager, East Sussex, Brighton and Hove Health Authority.

'The course was called NLP for Caring Professionals. It was a fascinating, enlightening and enjoyable experience. Since completing the course I have used two of the techniques with my clients already. Enjoyable, informative - from theory into practical usage - experiential to give a deeper understanding of the concepts. Really enjoyed the course, one of the most productive weekends, in terms of my own personal development and potential benefit to my clients, that I have spent in a while.' AZ

'Excellent and recommendable' 'I have never scored an instructor so high - I do not have any negative comments'

'Brilliant - when's the next course?' J.G.H.

'Really outstanding' 'Excellent, isn't he?' 'He created excellent rapport with the group' (Delegates on a presentation skills course - from one of the world's premier management consultancies)

'Graham was kind and thoughtful and presented a thorough, well explained and extremely interesting course. I would be interested to learn more on any future courses.' B.C., NLP for Caring Professionals course held at Godolphin House in Cornwall).

'Very personal approach - adapted the time to suit our needs' (Head of service delivery)

'Deep knowledge, enthusiasm, engaging style' (Head of IT)

'Absolutely fantastic' (Head of IT development) -all delegates from a major online financial organisation

To whom it may concern

"If you want someone to develop communication style with your team, who will facilitate permanent growth, and exceed your expectations - then you want Graham Smith to lead a management development programme. He has a dry sense of humour and a light touch that people go for in a big way. When Graham leads a programme people don't just learn for the day - they learn for ever. Graham is one of the few trainers who asks delegates what they want out of a programme and then proceeds to give it to them - checking throughout the workshop that they are satisfied. His programmes are "customer led", focused and to the point. Graham is an excellent teacher. He makes it easy for delegates to understand that if they want to change the impact they have on others, whether in motivating, coaching, influencing or in self-presentation they must first change their own approach. His by-word is "flexibility". He acts as a role-model for those he teaches. His teaching style and communication style are exemplars of flexibility. It is easy to learn from a teacher who implies "Do as I do as well as what I say." Graham led training programmes for ACTS Ltd for 6 years, until I retired and sold the business."

Dr. Gina Sanders - psychologist, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist (and friend)