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What do you want?

Simply key in your answers. There will be enough space for you to answer in full.

People find this questionnaire works best when you answer spontaneously, as the only way you could get this 'wrong' is if you write what you think you should think and feel, rather than what you really mean. (One of the points of coaching is that you are free to say what you mean.)

Your completed form will reach me as an email. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

First name Surname
Telephone Email
What do you want? (Say what you do want, not what you don't. Sometimes what you don't want is clearer to you. If so, ask yourself 'What would I prefer?' or 'What do I want instead?')

What will that do for you? (What is at the heart of your answer?)
How will: [(a), (b) & (c)].... when you have succeeded?
(a) You know? (Imagine what it will feel like to be there, having succeeded. What will you notice? What will have changed?)
(b) I know? (Put yourself in my shoes, in the future, noticing what's different about you by comparing you with how you used to be?)
(c) Others know? (Observing you succeeding, noticing how you interact with others.)
When and where do you.....
(a) Want the change?
(b) Not want it? (Does changing have disadvantages? If so, how else can you get those benefits as you succeed with what you're planning now?)
(c) How long for? (Is the change forever? If not, why not?)
What personal resources do you need? (e.g. confidence, focus, ability to relax etc. Do you need to involve others? How much of the situation is up to you? Would it be wise to focus exclusively on that part, right now?)

What has stopped you from changing? (Focus on your own part in this.)

How will this change affect other aspects of your life? (Check the knock-on effects. You need to know you can be sure you really want this change.)
What will you gain? (Sum it up.)
What will you lose? (Remember to include those things you're happy to lose.)

Is it worth it? (If not, revise your first answer and go round again - it's free!)

How would you like me to contact you? (You may wish me to be discreet when communicating with you. By the way, all coaching is confidential. Please enter your preferred contact details here.)

When I have read your answers I shall contact you to discuss your situation, the changes you want to make and how much I believe I can help you.

Thanks for completing the form and for giving me the opportunity to support you as you make decisions that enable you to achieve the kind of life you want to live.