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Who is Smith?

'Graham Smith is a highly accomplished exponent of NLP technologies. Not only is he really dedicated to the development of people, he also personally walks the talk.' Neil Tappenden, Master Trainer of NLP, Managing Director of Excel Communications (HRD) Ltd.



Early Years

I was born in Congresbury in Somerset, and grew up in Weston-super-Mare. From the age of eleven I taught students at my father's sailing school and after I left school studied educational psychology and trained as a teacher. On a parallel course I indulged my passion for music and went on to become a professional musician and song-writer. The name 'Smith and Friends' actually came from a series on HTV where I played all the instruments and appeared as the whole 'band'.

As a session musician in Europe and America I recorded and performed with such people as Eric Clapton, ELP, Bob Weir, Al Stewart and Cat Stevens. Later on I began again to pursue my interest in applied psychology, accelerated learning and personal development.

A Time of Change

What I had begun to notice was that although I was 'successful' in my chosen career it didn't seem to be making me happy. I kept thinking, 'when I get to the next phase, then I'll feel that I've made it' (whatever' it' was). I finally moved on to another career in business and found myself the co-owner of a small company in Los Angeles. Before this happened I can clearly remember looking at the former owners of this company and thinking 'Yes, this is what I want' and yet when I was eventually in this position it still didn't give me the satisfaction I wanted.

On returning to the U.K. I started to explore my own personal development. I became more and more immersed in NLP and related disciplines and began to experience how it could affect my sense of who I am and what I can do. Before long I noticed a massive shift in my perception of the world around me. From then on I was hooked and started training in earnest. I'm happy to say I'm still just as keen to learn and I show no signs of slowing down.

Continuous Learning

Now I am a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Hypnotherapist.. I have also trained in Symbolic Modelling and Grovian Metaphor Therapy. I have appeared on radio and TV talking about phobia cures, having developed a new technique that works from the anxiety state. I appeared on one BBC TV show with a client who had been phobic from age 12. She succeeded in overcoming her phobia in just one session. My current speed record for helping a client to stop doing her phobia is seven minutes.

As a lecturer I have taught pure NLP at Birkbeck College, University of London, and applied NLP at the Eastman Institute, UCL, where I run postgraduate trainings in Anxiety Prevention for dentists. I have been a committee member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Section of the British Association for NLP and of the Experiential Constructivist section of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

My work has been as a coach, trainer and instructional designer with Dr. Gina Sanders' organisation, ACTS Ltd., until her retirement in1999. Since then I've been an associate of Excel Communications (HRD) Ltd., the UK's most prominent international provider of NLP - based business training and performance coaching.

From Now On

Smith & Friends is part of my decision to travel less, having spent too many hours in cars, trains and planes. I am encouraging enquiries from individuals and organisations in Cornwall and the South West.

I specialise in helping people break bad habits like smoking.

On-Line Coaching is convenient and time-saving. I offer this service as well as coaching by phone. The two can be combined.


I still play and write music and enjoy it more than I ever thought possible. My album Calmtime, a relaxation CD for pain relief, stress, sleep problems and mother and baby, is now available. You can purchase it in CD form or downloads online from www.calmtime.co.uk.